About Us

Robs Mobility was created in June 2021 by myself, Rob.

Training as a Rehabilitation Engineer and Assistive Technologist (BSc), I have been involved in the assessment, provision and repair of mobility equipment for the NHS and private sector for 10 years.

This includes work for the Warwickshire Wheelchair Repair Service (Invacare), Wenman Healthcare, Magbility and 2 years as the Head of Engineering for national mobility supplier Spring Chicken.

This has given me an extensive knowledge of the field of mobility, which I try and pass onto my customers so they can make an informed decision on what equipment will serve them best, or whether their broken equipment should be repaired or replaced.

I pride myself on customer service, and go above and beyond for my customers because I appreciate how much of a lifeline their wheelchair or scooter is to them.

Can we help? Do you require more information?

Can we help? Do you require more information?